Questions about Microbes Photos for Webinar 8

Photo 2


Photo 1: mystery-testates.jpg

Two examples of round things I keep seeing in morphologically different tests - pictures at different depths of focus to hopefully show the details better.

Photo 2:  mystery-large-bacilli-habitat.jpg

I recently made some hay infusions and, amongst a very diverse and active population of rod-shaped bacteria, found these, what look like gigantic bacilli?!

The picture shows one of these in the field of view at 400x to give an idea of size - they were up to 3µm in width, and some were longer than this individual.
They have a lightly wagging kind of movement as they glide through the water at a sedate pace, not really bendy, and have these "dots" on their ends.
In the little boxes are further takes of the same individual at different focuses, blown up to show the form better.

Photo 3

Is this a predatory nematode? 400x

Photo 4

What is this? 400x

Photo 5

What is happening here? 400x

Photo 6

What is happening to this nematode? 400x

Photo 7

400x mag, 100 dilution, rabbiteye blueberry bush.  About 3 out of 12 fields had this. The rest of the fields had mostly tiny cocci and some smallish rods.  What are these?

Photo 8

What causes the testate to be broken on this amoeba? 400x