Microarthropods & Earthworms - more photos




1.  Morphological characteristics will tell you what kind of mite this is.

2.  Collembola at 4 X objective. This picture shows a collembola that has just jumped. The springer is usually tucked under the body.  When the spinger is released, it can fly four or five feet.


3.  Collembola four or Springtail. They are fungal feeders. They have no mechanism for eating plants.

Collembola or

4.  Symphylan generally eat fungi, but in the absence of fungi they will eat live plant material.


5.  Microarthropod center-stage.  Count the legs, check the mouth parts.  Big jaws mean a predator of other microarthropods, while small jaws means a fungal-feeder while a straw-like "proboscis" mean a sap-sucker.  In this case with this creature in the picture, this is a fungal feeder, most likely, because the jaws are small.