Amoebae - More Photos


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1.  Stellate amoeba with thin, slender pseudopods that make it look like a star. Bacteria is inside the amoeba.

Stellate Amoeba

2.  Testate amoeba is pulling a plug of this material inside to protect itself. 

Testate Amoeba

3.  You can see the opening on this testate amoeba. There is the test shell that the amoeba built. The amoeba is down at the bottom and it is protecting itself by pulling some of the aggregate material into the test shell.


Not all testate amoebae have openings at the top. Sometimes, the opening will be at the side. Sometimes, the testate amoebae will have a very ornate opening where it will almost look like a vase. There are lots of different variations on test structure, but you will still see the amoeba living in the shell.

Testate Amoeba

4.  Three different species of amoebae in a small sample. 


4.  Testate amoeba undergoing reproduction. The momma builds a new shell and half stays in the old shell and half goes to the new shell.  Testate amoebae are found in forested system - not often found in agricultural fields or pasture. 

Testate Amoeba

5.  Testate amoebae.

Testate Amoebae

6.  Testate amoeba. The amoeba is seen from the bottom end and we are looking at that opening and the amoeba is on the other side of that big plug of aggregate material. This testate amoeba is flattened ventrally.

Testate Amoebae

7.  An amoeba uses its blobby tentacles both to move and to feed. (Photo by Zach Wright)